Load Shedding Leaving You In The Dark? Get A Kit.

Load Shedding Leaving You In The Dark? Get A Kit.

With the most recent bout of Load Shedding announcements leaving most South Africans reeling, it is quite evident that these types of announcements will be prevalent for many years to come.

So, what can you do? It’s simple, get a solar kit.

ARTsolar has come up with a range of pre-designed solar solutions (some of them DIY and some of them requiring installation) that can either provide you with some relief during load shedding and other power loss situations or take your home completely off the grid.

What does this mean? With a solar power kit you have the capability of using the power of the sun to charge an array of large batteries to provide you with enough power (depending on the size of the kit) to power your lights, television, fridge / freezer, kettle, microwave and more during load shedding times and beyond. And should load shedding take place during the day, then you can utilise the power produced by your solar panels to power your household or business appliances, saving your batteries. This is even possible without load shedding, which in turn will save you money.

Furthermore, should you invest in a large enough solar and battery array, then you can take your home or business completely off the grid. With a payback period of only 3 to 6 years, you will start saving money, year on year.

ARTsolar Projects, a division of ARTsolar, provides multiple routes to implementing solar at your premises without investing a large once off sum of money: Bank Finance or a “rent to buy” option known as a Power Purchase Agreement also known as a PPA.

With a PPA you receive immediate savings since you only pay for the electricity that’s used, very similar to paying your utility bills but at a reduced cost, and ownership still passes to you at an agreed point in time, generally when the system has been paid of through the PPA.

So, with multiple options at your fingertips, there is no longer a reason to not get yourself kitted out. Check out ARTsolar’s pre-designed solutions at the below link: https://artsolar.net/our-solutions/ OR visit the ARTsolar Projects team’s website at https://www.artsolarprojects.net/ and give them a call.

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