Solar panel manufacturing can open up many local job opportunities, from manufacturing to installing, below we will list some examples of how renewable energy, specifically the solar panel industry, can play a positive role in local job creation:


The manufacturing of solar panels requires many different skill sets in multiple departments, from physical assembly, quality inspection and assurance throughout the assembly process, maintenance of production machinery and systems, storage and dispatch and many more.

Storage, Despatch & Transportation

Storage, despatch and transportation play a major role in the solar panel industry, as solar panels need to be stored carefully and safely as to avoid damaging any of the panels. Transportation usually happens in large quantities to remote areas where solar farms and other non-residential installations may occur.

Site Surveyance and Installation

Of course finding a suitable location for a solar farm takes a lot of research and the installation itself requires an incredible amount of manpower and planning. Installing on a rooftop at the most suitable angle and inclination takes just as much skill. Below are some examples of installations done using ARTsolar and OEM modules.



 Raw Material Suppliers

Beyond job creation directly in the solar panel industry, local raw material suppliers also present opportunities to create local jobs, especially in the metal, plastic and glass sectors, materials that are used in abundance in today’s solar panels.

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