Solar Panel Estimator - Residential

Use the below estimator to calculate how many solar panels you would need to power your home.

Please note that this is an estimate only and ARTsolar accepts no liability from using the below calculated values.
We strongly recommend contacting a certified installer to obtain an accurate quote and calculation for your planned solar PV system.

Start by adding all of your household items to the list below
Add each type of item individually and specify the amount of items and the amount of time the item is switched on for during the day.
You can add the same type of item multiple times to cater for different usage times.

Select from a list of common items or click on other to add your own household item with the correct wattage.

Select household item

Enter a name for the household item

Enter the wattage of the household item (numbers only eg. 135)

Enter number of items (numbers only eg. 4)

Enter number of hours used per day, use decimal numbers to represent minutes (ie. 30 Minutes = 0.5 hours)