ARTsolar Presents Alpha-ESS

Invest in the next generation of home solar power generation and backup systems.

Presenting the Alpha-ESS SMILE5, a state of the art, award winning, Energy Storage System which is an alternative to the Tesla Power Wall.
5kVA output, stored in 11.4kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, all paired with 14 of our sleek black, world class, PV modules and you have an absolute power house on your hands. From only R199 999, installed at your home, this is a deal that you cannot miss.

Also in the series of systems available from ARTsolar is the super powerful SMILE T10 Energy Storage System from Alpha-ESS. With a huge 10kVA, 3-Phase, inverter and massive 23.2kWh worth of lithium iron phosphate battery storage, this system will never let you down. Included with this are 28 of our most powerful, world class, PV modules which will both power your home for years to come and save you money on ever increasing utility costs.

Both solutions are inclusive of all necessary mounting brackets, cabling, trunking, terminators and other accessories. Our expert installation team will evaluate your premises to determine the best and most professional route to installation and will also make sure that the system perfectly meets you and your household’s power demands.

Contact the ARTsolar Projects team to learn more.